Starting a business / starting a law firm

HouseI have been part of five different start-ups, three (including my law firm) were my own, meaning I was the boss.   My first start-up was as a consultant with ALLTEL, who placed me on an account team with Valor Telecom – a start-up phone company.   While I was merely a consultant, I was in a unique position to see how a large start-up, a well funded large start-up that is, operated.

With just over a decade of being involved in a start-up from one way or another, I feel that I have a distinct advantage of starting a law practice.   I was trained well in law school, but being a lawyer and practicing law presents a host of challenges, starting a law practice is still starting a business.   With my years of entrepreneurship, I believe I have a wealth of knowledge about the business world, but operating a large company versus a local large firm presents a myriad of unique challenges.

While I haven’t started my firm yet, I am getting things setup to hopefully open my doors in the next few days.   This area of the blog will catalog the challenges, issues, failures and successes with starting my practice, for the hopes that I can help other young attorneys avoid my mistakes, but more importantly, learn from my successes to get their business up and running.

Posted by: mprictor on September 16, 2014
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