An entrepreneur is someone that takes a calculated risk before they start a business.  With my past experiences I can help you minimize the risks associated with starting your business.  Starting your business right, the first time, is important, and that is what I can do for your business.

I bring 15 years of tech experience from telecom to application development to my practice at the Haake Law Firm. Sadly almost half of all businesses fail, and one of the biggest reasons is that they do not have a solid legal foundation.   Of course, access to capital (link to blog post) is also a pretty significant reason for failure, but again, with the right foundation for your business, you increase your chances of success and may even be able to attract better team members or find capital easier.   I want to help you leverage my real-world experiences to help your startup take off.

As an entrepreneur advising entrepreneurs I can help you …

  • Get your legal business foundation established the right way
  • Help you understand and develop a compliant marketing strategy
  • Design division of labor strategies for you, partners, investors, and management
  • Protect your team, your startup and yourself and from liability.
  • Assure you and your business is in compliance with applicable laws.

Located in Lake St. Louis, MO and serving St. Charles, MO as well as the greater St. Louis area, Haake Law Firm is prepared to be your startup and entrepreneurial partners. Contact my office today to schedule a consultation.

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