Criminal Law & Misdemeanors

Even a misdemeanor conviction can haunt you for life. It can come back every time you apply for a job, attempt to join the military or even get student loans. While misdemeanors do not have the serious, lifetime problems as felony conviction, it can still make securing employment and housing more difficult. Some businesses have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone with a criminal record when they consider someone for employment. Further, simply pleading guilty to a charge will put you at the mercy of the court and there are no guarantees whether you will simply pay a fine or you could even spend time in jail.

Remember that the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to convict you, and that is where I can work to help mitigate your charge or sentence and force the prosecutor to prove your guilt.

I believe that one mistake should not haunt you for the rest of your life. When you face criminal charges, it produces uncertainty and fears as the court system ponders your freedom, do not consider going about this ordeal on your own. I will work to get to the truth of the matter and move to dismiss your charges or keep you in the loop as we prepare for trial. You will not make any decisions regarding reduced charges or conditions on your sentence without being fully informed first. Remember, I am your advocate, my job is to advise you on what your options are, but I believe that the ultimate choice is always yours and I will do whatever you decide is in your best interest.

Facing any criminal charge, no matter how minor or major subjects you to an unforgiving process that is deadline obsessed and very technical. Missing filing deadlines or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could result in a conviction that makes your life more difficult. The Haake Law Firm in Lake Saint Louis, MO is here to help you.

I will fight for your rights and interest and can help you with …

  • Possession – marijuana
  • Paraphernalia
  • Other misdemeanors
  • Non-speeding traffic offenses (wrong plates, accidents, etc.)
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